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Monkeys Go Bananas After Man Offers Large Feast

In India, monkeys are considered to be the living representatives of the Hindu god Hanuman, with people often feeding them as an offering to the deity.
A video of a man feeding bananas to a large group of monkeys is giving netizens a riot of laughter as they flood social media with hilarious reactions.
In the footage now making the rounds on Twitter, the man is seen surrounded by scores of monkeys eagerly waiting for him to open the boot of his car, which is stuffed with bananas and packets of puffed rice.
As soon as the man lifts the back door, an army of monkey starts jumping on the bananas and grabbing puffed rice in both their hands.
The video has gone viral, leaving netizens in splits and sparking another meme fest.

One Twitter user wrote, “Difference between animals and humans.. – after taking their part, leaving without any greed to hoard..”

Another person commented, “Me feeding my friends on my birthday.”