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Lucknow Child Wounded by Stray Dogs as Incidence Of Dog Pack Attacks Worsens in Area

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Angry dog - Sputnik India, 1920, 01.03.2023
A maintenance worker, two women, and a teenager have already suffered injuries in separate dog attacks that took place in the same building in Lucknow.
Residents of Jankipuram’s Srishti Apartments in India's Lucknow city are living in fear because of a spike in deadly stray dog attacks on children and adults. Within a span of just two months, five cases have been reported in the same high-rise building.
In a recent case, a 13-year-old boy sustained severe leg injuries from an attack by a pack of stray dogs roaming the area. The teen escaped with his life by scaring the dogs off with a stick. He was later admitted to a hospital, where he received a rabies injection and his wounds were treated.
There have also been gory attacks by groups of stray dogs, especially on children, in other states which have recently made headlines and sparked alarm.
Last week, a four-year-old child, from Andhra Pradesh state's Hyderabad city, was mauled to death by a pack of dogs, and CCTV footage of the attack went viral, causing a major uproar.
In a separate incident in Rajasthan state, a month-old child, sleeping next to his mother in a government hospital, was dragged away by a stray dog and brutally killed.
Frequent cases have come to light in Lucknow as well.
Vivek Sharma, a member of the Resident Welfare Association of Srishti Apartments, Lucknow, told an Indian news agency that dog attacks have become a nightmare for residents, forcing them to travel abroad with sticks or moving in large groups.
Sharma said that the civic bodies, according to the rules, remove the dogs and neuter them. But once these dogs are left in the same area, they turn feral and attack people. Animals that haven't been fed enough could be another reason for their ferocious behavior, he added.
Sharma, who is enraged at how little the authorities have done to tackle the problem, said that such attacks are often ignored by officials until a major incident takes place.

"Are the civic bodies waiting for a Hyderabad-like incident where a boy was killed by a pack of dogs,” Sharma asked.

Reports suggest there are approximately 90,000 stray dogs in Lucknow city, and around 52,000 of those animals have been neutered so far.
Although the Supreme Court of India has said in previous orders that the relocation of dogs can't be permitted, the Uttar Pradesh Urban Development Department has drafted new ‘Dos and Don’ts’ for keeping a pet and registering them.
According to the new draft, dog owners, including those who are keeping a stray dog outside their home and feeding it, are required to submit an undertaking that their pet won’t cause a public nuisance.
According to official data, India recorded more than 15Mln animal bite cases since 2019. The highest number of cases was recorded in Uttar Pradesh state (2,752,218), followed by Tamil Nadu (2,070,921), Maharashtra (1,575,606) and West Bengal (1,209,232).