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'Spy' Pigeon Caught in Eastern India by Local Fishermen - Police

© AFP 2023 PAUL J. RICHARDSSpy pigeon
Spy pigeon - Sputnik India, 1920, 09.03.2023
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - A pigeon suspected of carrying a spying device on its leg has been found by fishermen in the Bay of Bengal in eastern India, the Odisha state police said on Thursday.
"A suspected spy pigeon fitted with a tiny camera and a chip was caught from a fishing boat off the Paradip coast in Jagatsinghpur… We are verifying whether it is the camera or something else. We will produce the pigeon with all the material before the cyber expert finds out the truth," police spokesman Nimai Charan Sethi told local media.

The bird reportedly has a text message on its wings written in an unknown language.

Superintendent Jagatsinghpur Rahul said the police would also "seek the help of the State Forensic Science Laboratory for examining the devices attached to its legs," adding that experts would also try to find out what the text on the pigeon's wings means.

Pitambar Behera, one of the fishermen who caught the bird, said that the pigeon had been found on a boat about ten days ago, while the ship had been anchored about 35 kilometers (21 miles) off the coast of Odisha.

"Suddenly I noticed that some instruments were attached to the bird's legs. I also found that something is written on its wings. I could not understand it as it was not in Odia," he said, as quoted by media.

Another "spy pigeon" carrying a coded message allegedly sent by Pakistan was caught in India in 2020.