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Donetsk Engineers Create Special Vests For Frontline Dogs

© Sputnik / Bandit dog
 - Sputnik India, 1920, 16.05.2023
A smaller vest with a ballistic fragmentation package was designed for regular tasks and everyday use. It can hold four AK-47 magazines on each side and two grenades.
Mikhail Kondrus, the director of the company 3D Techno, told Sputnik that they have created anti-fragmentation vests for service dogs assisting Russian assault units on the frontlines of the special military operation.
"We have developed and produced a larger and a smaller anti-fragmentation vest. The larger vest is fully equipped with MOLLE system straps to accommodate additional useful load, such as a small ammunition supply, first aid kits, and other useful elements," he said.
According to him, dogs are critical on the frontlines. "For running between buildings, delivering something... It's hard to hit a dog, so it's a significant advantage when you train a dog to interact with a person on the frontlines. Also, it always calms the unit psychologically. Every dog is a source of goodness and warmth," the soldier stated.
Meet Bandit, the first infantry dog in our video: this good boy was found on an abandoned construction site, raised and trained by his owner.