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Okonomiyaki: PM Kishida's Favourite Japanese Street Food to Top G7 Menu

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G7 menu - Sputnik India, 1920, 18.05.2023
The Hiroshima-hosted G7 summit's press center will be treating journalists and guests to a traditional local dish called, okonomiyaki, a street food that many say helped rebuild the city after its destruction by the US atomic bombing. Moreover, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida calls this his favorite dish.
Visitors to Hiroshima will have the opportunity to dine on some special versions of okonomiyaki.
While readying for the G7 summit, local chefs have tailored recipes for this dish based on the national cuisines of the club's member countries.

Okonomiyaki is often called "the Japanese pizza", but the similarity is only superficial. Round and flat in shape, the dish is prepared using dough, chopped cabbage with thin pieces of pork or seafood. Okonomiyaki is cooked on a hot iron griddle known as a "teppan", and just like takoyaki, it is topped off with tuna shavings and sauce. The Hiroshima version of this dish features fried yakisoba noodles.

Thus, spaghetti is added to the Italian version, maple syrup is added to the Canadian version, and okonomiyaki American-style is prepared in the form of a burger with two buns.
Besides dining on okonomiyaki, those in attendance can get acquainted with other items on the local menu. Towards the end of the day, guests can get to taste Japan's traditional alcoholic beverage - sake - or the stronger shochu at the press center.