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Panic Triggered as Prowling Leopard Attacks Sleeping Dog Near Man on Highway

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Leopard - Sputnik India, 1920, 18.05.2023
Surrounded by dense forests and wildlife, India's Maharashtra state's Pune city has been on the radar for frequent incidents of leopard sightings and attacks on animals, triggering a debate on human-wildlife conflict.
In a spine-chilling incident caught on camera, a prowling leopard attacking a sleeping dog lying near a man has left netizens shocked and in fear.
The incident reportedly took place at a highway near Alephata district in Maharashtra state's Pune city.
An Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer named Parveen Kaswan shared the terrifying video on his Twitter page.
The footage shows the leopard slowly approaching the dog before quickly pouncing on it, grabbing it with its jaws, and running away with its prey. Startled by the noise, a man sleeping on a cot near the dog, suddenly wakes up and is stunned to see the leopard running away with the dog.
The netizens can't stop talking about the viral video that has sparked a heated debate about the issue of human-wildlife conflict and has raised questions about the coexistence with animals.