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Ancient Indian Epic 'Ramcharitmanas' Enters World Records as Longest Song at 138 Hours

© Photo : Twitter/ @dayalugurubjpUP Minister Dayashankar Mishra 'Dayalu' giving Guinness World Records certificate to Dr Jagdish Pillai
UP Minister Dayashankar Mishra 'Dayalu' giving Guinness World Records certificate to Dr Jagdish Pillai - Sputnik India, 1920, 25.05.2023
The 'Ramcharitmanas' is an epic poem written in the Awadhi dialect (a folk form of the Hindi language) by the 16th-century Hindu poet and saint Tulsidas. It is a retelling of the story of Lord Rama's life from the Sanskrit epic Ramayana.
The ancient Indian epic 'Ramcharitmanas' has entered the world record book as the longest song, clocking in at over 138 hours.
Dr. Jagdish Pillai from Varanasi, a city in India's Uttar Pradesh state has set a new Guinness World Record by composing and recording a single track based on the entire book of the poetic work "Shri Ram Charit Manas," which consists of more than 15,000 verses.
His recitation of the song 'Ramcharitmanas' lasted an incredible 138 hours, 41 minutes, and two seconds and was broadcast on numerous online music streaming platforms.
Dr. Pillai shattered the previous Guinness World Record made by the U.K.'s Mark Christopher Lee and The Pocket Gods for playing instrumental music non-stop for 115 hours and 45 minutes.
Before achieving this feat, Dr. Pillai also broadcast the rendition of 'Ramcharitmanas' on more than 100 official audio channels worldwide for five consecutive years.
Uttar Pradesh Minister Dayashankar Mishra 'Dayalu' from Bharatiya Janata Party tweeted pictures of him facilitating Dr. Pillai with the Guinness World Records certificate for singing the world's longest song 'Shri Ramcharitmanas'.
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