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Hvaldimir, the Beluga 'Spy' Whale, Spotted in Densely Populated Oslo Fjord

© Photo : OneWhale.orgHvaldimir, the Beluga 'Spy' Whale
Hvaldimir, the Beluga 'Spy' Whale - Sputnik India, 1920, 25.05.2023
The animal was named after a combination of the Norwegian word 'hval' ('whale') and the name of the Russian president — Vladimir Putin.
Hvaldimir, the Beluga 'Spy' Whale, has been spotted in the densely populated Oslo Fjord.
The Norwegian authorities have urged locals to avoid contact with the animal — so as not to injure him.
Hvaldimir has been known since 2019 — back then, fishermen spotted him off the coast of Norway wearing a harness with the logo of a Russian company.
On social media, it has become a meme to joke about Hvaldimir's "spy past", as he appeared in the vicinity of Oslo at the same time as US aircraft carrier the USS Gerald Ford.