Ukraine Conflict
Moscow launched a special military operation in Ukraine in February 2022 with the aim of saving the people of Donbass - primarily the Russian-speaking population - from Kiev's constant attacks.

Watch Russian T-90M Tanks Destroy Ukrainian Positions Near Donetsk

Russian modernized T-90M tanks demonstrate their technological superiority and accuracy in an operation targeting a Ukrainian unit's position area in the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR).
The Russian Defense Ministry has released footage in which a Russian tank belonging to Battlegroup Yug (South) attacks targets harboring enemy troops in the Special Ops Zone.
Modernized T-90M Proryv tanks took control of the firing positions, taking into account the geographical features of the area, eliminating Ukrainian soldiers in their shelters and neutralizing their firing positions. This allowed Russian assault groups to advance through the enemy defense line.
Russia's T-90M is a modern main battle tank designed for ground combat operations. An improved version of the T-90 tank, which entered service in the 1990s, it is equipped with advanced armor and weapons, including a 125 mm 2A46M-5 smoothbore gun, a 1,130 horsepower engine, and a modern fire control system.
Russian Msta-S self-propelled artillery crews wipe out concealed Ukrainian position near Seversk. - Sputnik India, 1920, 04.02.2024
Ukraine Conflict
Watch Russian Self-Propelled Artillery Destroy Masked Ukrainian Position
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