Ukraine Conflict
Moscow launched a special military operation in Ukraine in February 2022 with the aim of saving the people of Donbass - primarily the Russian-speaking population - from Kiev's constant attacks.

Watch Russian BMP-1AM Basurmanin IFV Crews in Action in Special Op Training Ranges

The BMP-1AM Basurmanin, developed by Russia, represents a modernized version of the BMP-1 chassis, serving as an infantry fighting vehicle.
Notable enhancements include fortified armor, upgraded firepower boasting a new 73 mm gun and coaxial machine gun housed within a remotely operated turret, alongside sophisticated electronics and communication apparatus.
The Russian Defense Ministry has released footage showing the combat training Basurmanin BMP-1AM crews at training ranges in the special military operation.
During the session, Battlegroup Tsentr gunners of the infantry fighting vehicles fired 2A37 30 mm automatic cannons and the IFVs’ Kalashnikov machine guns at a range of 500 to 3,500 meters, suppressing the firing points of a mock enemy. IFV drivers and commanders also mastered their skills, the ministry added.
Servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces load the 2S5Giatsint-S 152-mm self-propelled gun for combat operations against Ukrainian Armed Forces positions in the Krasny Liman direction in the zone of the special military operation. - Sputnik India, 1920, 03.02.2024
Ukraine Conflict
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