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‘Happy to Be With Comrades-in-arms’: Putin Thanks Election Campaign Volunteers

© Sputnik / Sergey Guneev / Go to the mediabankVladimir Putin addresses journalists at his campaign headquarters. March 17, 2024
Vladimir Putin addresses journalists at his campaign headquarters. March 17, 2024 - Sputnik India, 1920, 18.03.2024
The Russian presidential elections concluded at 9 PM Moscow time on Sunday. Exit polls showed Vladimir Putin leading with 87% of the votes.
Vladimir Putin came to his election сampaign headquarters and thanked the headquarters volunteers for their work.
Vladimir Putin shares heartwarming words at election campaign headquarters and says that he is "happy to be with comrades-in-arms".
"Everything must be done to support people in Avdeevka, Putin told the campaign volunteers, as preliminary results showed him leading in the Russian presidential race.
Avdeevka was recently liberated from the Ukrainian army in a remarkable feat for Russia in the Ukraine conflict.

"We are one team": Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin thanks Russian citizens for exercising their voting rights at the presidential elections.
“Now the history repeats itself, because it's cyclical, so it's going up in spiral, but everything repeats itself. And all of us, we are standing here together like comrades in arms. So, I would like to thank citizens of Russia, all of them, because we are one team. I would like to thank all the citizens of Russia who came to the polling stations and voted,” Putin said.
Elections are not a formal legal matter; the Russian people are the source of power; with every voice, we are building one common will of the people of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin said.

"No matter how hard they try to scare us, no matter how hard they try to suppress us, to suppress our will, our conscience, no one has ever succeeded in history. They failed now, and they will fail in the future. They will never succeed,” Putin addressed supporters as Russia sees historic turnout in the presidential elections.

Putin Explains Historic Turnout at Russian Presidential Elections

“People came to ensure that there are conditions for the internal consolidation, political consolidation, to make sure that we will continue to move forward, on the battlefield, in economy and in the humanitarian and social areas. They came to ensure the conditions in place to make their homeland, their country, Russia, stronger,” Putin told supporters following the conclusion of the polls.

‘If meat grinder is what they like, then it’s only in our favour: Putin on situation on the battlefield

“They [the Ukrainian army] are launching those senseless offensive [operations], it is truly meat grinder, so it's even favorable for us, so let them [continue], Putin told a presser following the conclusion of the presidential elections in Russia.

Putin Comments on Navalny, First Time after Latter’s Death

“As for Mr. Navalny, yes, he passed away. That's always a sad thing. But we had other incidents when people in prison died. Doesn't it happen in the United States? It has happened and on many occasions. And I can tell you one thing — maybe it will come as a surprise — several days before Mr. Navalny passed away, some colleagues of mine had told me there was an idea to exchange [him] for some people who are behind bars in the Western countries. I said, “I'm down for it. I agree.” The only condition was for him to never return [to Russia]. But well, things like that happen. You cannot do anything about it. That's life.”

According to preliminary results, Putin won 87.15% of votes after processing 80% of ballots. The president is expected to hold a meeting with the staff of the headquarters and its co-chairs.
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Presidential Elections in Russia - Sputnik India, 1920, 17.03.2024
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