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13-YO Fastest Human Calculator's Incredible Journey to Mathematical Stardom

© Photo : Aaryan ShuklaAaryan Shukla awarded Guinness World Record for 'fastest time to mentally add 50 five-digit numbers' during a show in Milan, Italy.
Aaryan Shukla awarded Guinness World Record for 'fastest time to mentally add 50 five-digit numbers' during a show in Milan, Italy. - Sputnik India, 1920, 09.04.2024
Aaryan Shukla from India has become a global sensation for making a new Guinness World Record for the 'fastest time to mentally add 50 five-digit numbers.'
In a world fascinated by technological advancements, people often tend to overlook the extraordinary power of the human mind.
However, a 13-year-old boy, Aaryan Shukla, from Nashik city in India's Maharashtra state, has been challenging this notion by displaying his mind-boggling calculation abilities.
His mind computes numbers at lightning speed and accuracy, and can give a tough competition to Math wizards with his exceptional mental calculation skill that has captivated the world and has earned him the title of world champion of youngest, fastest mental calculation and Guinness world record holder.
Shukla shared with Sputnik India his exceptional mathematical prowess, the methods he uses for fast calculations and his success mantra.

Becoming the Fastest Human Calculator

Shukla’s exceptional mathematical skills were evident from an early age of four when he started taking interest in the abacus.
While others his age were honing their motor skills, Shukla found solace in numbers, solving mathematical puzzles that baffled his parents.
“Initially, I started practicing abacus. When I reached a certain level in abacus, I started learning various techniques of mental math. Since the age of six, I have been doing mental math,” Shukla told Sputnik India.
© Photo : Aaryan ShuklaAaryan Shukla, 13-year-old fastest human calculator and math wizard from Nashik city in India's Maharashtra state
Aaryan Shukla, 13-year-old fastest human calculator and math wizard from Nashik city in India's Maharashtra state  - Sputnik India, 1920, 09.04.2024
Aaryan Shukla, 13-year-old fastest human calculator and math wizard from Nashik city in India's Maharashtra state
From doing additions to multiplication, division, and square root, Shukla practised several mathematical concepts and gave instant answers without using any calculator or pen and paper.
As he started practising different mathematics concepts, his curiosity and passion for numbers intensified.
He used to practise daily for two to four hours and applied different methods for fast calculations such as cross multiplication, abacus, Vedic maths (ancient system of Indian Mathematics), and others.

While there are several methods available that can help one do mental calculate at a fast speed, Shukla shared that his secret to success lies in determination and hard work.

“Hard work and practice matter more than the techniques you use. I started doing mental maths at the age of six and enjoyed it a lot. Since then there has been no stopping,” Shukla said.

Inspiration and Training

Behind every prodigy lies a strong support system. Shukla's parents have played an integral role in nurturing his exceptional abilities.
Recognizing his extraordinary talent, his parents nurtured his love for numbers and enrolled him in various math competitions.
“It was a very natural process for him to grasp this skill. When we saw that Aaryan was taking a lot of interest in maths, we decided to give him exposure by taking him to various mathematic competitions. He gradually took part in the competitions and this helped him grow in his talent,” Nitin Shukla, a businessman and father to Aaryan, told Sputnik India.

Road to Global Fame

As Aaryan's reputation as a youngest, fastest human calculator grew, he challenged himself to conquer new heights by competing on a global stage and seeking recognition from the prestigious Guinness World Records.
“I participated in my first competition which was held in Turkey, Istanbul. There I won seven gold medals, one silver and two bronze, which was a record in itself. I won Mind Sports Olympiad 2021 which is held in London, UK,” he said.
At just 12, he became the world champion by surpassing many elite competitors in Mental Calculation World Cup which is the top competition held in Germany in 2022.
He created multiple records, including Guinness World Records in various disciplines of mental calculation.
The recent Guinness World Record was the 'fastest time to mentally add 50 five-digit numbers'which he made during a show in Milan, Italy last month.
He also performed in Russia at a show titled ‘Incredible People’.
“There I performed my mental calculation skills to a very larger audience. It was a memorable experience, and we also visited the historical city of Moscow with my family,” Shukla said.

Going Beyond Numbers

Being Mental Calculation World Champion, Shukla, at just 13, became the founding board member of Global Mental Calculators Association (GMCA) that organises “World Mental Calculation League” in which elite mental calculators compete in online matches.
Shukla believes that mathematical reasoning is fundamental to many aspects of life, and by sharing this vision, he hopes to encourage fellow young minds to explore the world of numbers.
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