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Unity for Progress: Social Worker Singh Champions Religious Collaboration for India's Ascendancy

© AP Photo / R.S. IyerTaj Mahal
Taj Mahal - Sputnik India, 1920, 15.04.2024
Dr VP Singh runs an NGO named the International Human Rights and Crime Control Council (IHRCCC), which works for the marginalised, common, and vulnerable segments of society to spread awareness and protect human rights and social justice for all people at the national and international Level.
Singh has been extensively working for stray animals and birds with an aim to provide them their natural habitat, food, and water so they don’t have to suffer due to inclement weather conditions.
Apart from this, he and his team work for other social causes and spread the message of humanity not only in India, but across the globe.
In an interview with Sputnik India, IHRCCC Chief Commissioner Singh talked about initiatives taken by him to support stray animals and birds, the motivation behind it, other social causes taken up by him and his team, and his future plans.

Initiatives for Stray Animals and Birds

Talking about the initiatives he and his team have taken to support stray animals and birds, Singh told Sputnik India that they have continuously been working for the creatures since 2013.

“We are providing them with food, water, and taking care of their health. Our aim is also to provide them their natural habitat. Our teams across the globe are working towards this”, he elaborated.

He further stated that his plan is to plant 10 million trees where birds can make nests and live in their natural habitat, while other animals can sit in the shade and rest during adverse weather conditions.
“The natural habitats of animals and birds have been destroyed, but as human beings we have to think of them also as they are not able to speak about the ordeals they face, but suffer a lot. We want more and more people to come ahead to help the stray animals and birds and give a message to the society too”, the social worker said.

Inspiration Behind Service

Recalling an incident that inspired him to serve stray animals and birds, the IHRCCC chief commissioner said that a few years ago, when he was on his way to meet someone on an extremely hot summer day, he saw a man putting drops of water on a bird lying unconscious on the roadside.
“The bird had fainted because of the scorching heat and no availability of water nearby. As the man kept pouring drops of water, the bird started gaining some consciousness and in a few minutes it flew. As I watched this, I thought that being humans, we can tell others that we need water or food, but these birds and animals can’t say what they need. That’s when I decided that from now on, I will serve stray animals and birds, so that they don’t die or suffer because of lack of water or food”, he said.

Other Social Causes Taken Up by IHRCCC

Sharing details of other social causes taken up by the IHRCCC, Singh said that his NGO works for two objectives – "Satyamev Jayate" ("Truth Alone Triumphs") and "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" ("The World is One Family").

“We are moving forward with the concept of 'Adbhut Bharat', 'Sampann Bharat', 'Aatmanirbhar Bharat' ('Amazing India', 'Developed India', 'Self-Reliant India'). The country is developing under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and the whole world is talking about India. In view of this, we are taking out the 'International Tiranga Yatra' ('International Tricolour March')”, he elaborated about the initiatives to be taken up by his NGO.

Talking about the aim of the march, he said it would connect all religions and people across globe, and that it is for the welfare of the world.
He also informed that one march was taken out in Thailand, and now one will soon be in Nepal, and then another in London.
“Apart from this, we also help in marriages of girls from poor families and we have started a scheme named 'Kanya Vivah Sumangla Yojana' (a scheme to help girls from poor families in their marriages). Under this scheme, we have plans to help at least 51 girls every year and increase the numbers gradually”, he said.
He also stated that his NGO provides food, water, and clothes to 200 people on a daily basis in Delhi, and offers stationary items to children of deprived families so their education is not compromised.

Future Plans and Goals

Talking about future plans and goals, Singh said the IHRCCC is committed to bringing together all segments of society, as it is very sad to see people fighting in the name of caste and religion.
“Our aim is to unite everyone, because together we can make India a world power. When everyone will be united they will be on the path of truth and able to conceptualise nationalism in a meaningful way”, he said.
The IHRCCC chief commissioner further stated that apart from this, he is planning to organise two grand events – "Bharat Raj Mahotsav" ("India Soil Festival") and "Bharat Dhwaj Mahotsav" ("India Flag Festiva"l).

“The aim of Bharat Raj Mahotsav is to explain people that bring together people to make them understand that in order to attain materialistic comfort, sometimes we take the wrong path, but this should not be done, so that the whole society is benefitted with each other”, he said.

Meanwhile, as far as Bharat Dhwaj Mahotsav is concerned, the aim is to make the whole world understand that how great the Indian national flag is, which is capable of not only uniting India, but the entire world on the basis of equality and unity of all the religions.
He said the organisation will also continue to work on the social causes that are part of the programmes.
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