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Vladimir Putin speaks at 2024 SPIEF plenary session - Sputnik India

'New Era of Global Economy': Vladimir Putin Delivers Speech at SPIEF 2024

On June 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the plenary session of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) 2024, touching upon the future of Russia's economy.
Bolivian and Zimbabwean Presidents Luis Arce and Emmerson Mnangagwa addressed the event alongside the Russian leader.
St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is an annual platform that brings together more than 15 000 participants from all over the globe. The 27th edition of the SPIEF began on Wednesday, features delegations from 139 countries and regions, and will run until June 8th.

Key takeaways from Putin’s speech:

There is real race between countries in world to strengthen their sovereignty;
Russia is ready to offer full-scale technological partnerships to other nations.
Global economy enters era of Radical change, Russian economy embracing these challenges.
Russia remains key player in global trade despite all sanctions.
States friendly to Russia account for three-quarters of its trade turnover.
Russia is already in 4th place in terms of GDP at purchasing power parity.
West undermined own payment systems: The share of settlements for Russian exports in ‘toxic’ currencies has halved and the ruble's share in transactions is growing, approaching 40 percent.
Some 36 mln tonnes of cargo transported via Northern Sea Route in 2023, in future cargo trade may exceed 150 mln tonnes.
Northern Sea Route infrastructure will continue to develop.
BRICS has great potential for new members.
BRICS countries working on their payment infrastructure, independent of Western one.
Trust in the Western payment systems has been dealt a significant blow — by Western countries themselves
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19:39 07.06.2024
19:05 07.06.2024
Countries that were leaders are trying to maintain leadership by all means: Putin
19:03 07.06.2024
Putin Supports BRICS Expansion

Including within BRICS, we're working on shaping an independent payment system free from political pressure, abuse, and external sanctional interference. In this regard, I'd like to remind you that this year, BRICS was joined by new participants, that is, Saudi Arabia, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Ethiopia. With this, the share of our association in global GDP has reached 36%, and the population of the planet has reached 45%. And BRICS has tremendous potential for joining of new participants, and such strive of stakeholders from different continents can only be welcomed by us and will support it.

19:02 07.06.2024

Putin: Russia Remains Key Player in Global Trade Despite All Obstacles, Sanctions

19:01 07.06.2024

Putin: Russia is ready to offer a full-scale technological partnership to other countries

18:40 07.06.2024

Putin: Russia interested in cooperation with countries, foreign companies that also have interest in cooperation.

18:28 07.06.2024
Somewhere near Japan & Germany': Russian economy growing despite sanctions: Putin

"Russian economy overtook Germany in terms of purchasing power parity, other states not standing still either, leadership needs to be confirmed," Putin highlighted.

18:22 07.06.2024
Entering New Markets Tequires Strengthening of Transportation Ties: Vladimir Putin

"Northern Sea Route infrastructure will continue to develop," Putin said.

18:17 07.06.2024
Putin: West Undermined Own Payment Systems

"Trust in the Western payment systems has been dealt a significant blow — by Western countries themselves. In this context, I can say that the share of so-called toxic currencies of unfriendly countries in payments made for Russian exports halved last year," Putin said at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). "The share of the Russian national currency in payments to and from Russia, on the contrary, has neared 40%," Putin estimated.

18:15 07.06.2024
Nations rushing to strengthen their sovereighnty: Vladimir Putin
"We see a real race between countries to strengthen their sovereignty. And over three key levels - state, value-cultural and economic. At the same time, the countries that have recently been the leaders of global development are trying by all means, by hook or by crook, to preserve their elusive role of hegemony," Putin said at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).
17:54 07.06.2024
Before the start of the plenary session at SPIEF, they showed a video about Russia’s role in the formation of a new world order.
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