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Very Public Private Life: Man's 'Letter of Closure' to Confirm Break-Up Goes Viral

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Heartbreak - Sputnik India, 1920, 02.03.2023
Most people don't get proper closure after breaking up with their partner, making it tough for them to end their relationship in a healthy way and move on.
A man's letter of closure to his ex-girlfriend intended to end their relationship officially almost caused the internet to crash after he posted it on social media.
The Twitter user, by the name Velin, posted the letter explaining the reason for their separation, and he asks his partner to sign it and send it back.
"I regret to inform you that I will be unable to continue our relationship. Please understand that my decision does not reflect on you as a person. You are a beautiful person but that information I got made me uncomfortable and made me question the foundation of our relationship," Velin wrote.
He tries to end the relationship on an upbeat note, saying it was not easy for him to do so, but it was crucial for him to be true to himself and his ideals.
© Photo : Twitter/@VelinMan's 'Letter of Closure' to Confirm Break-Up Goes Viral on Social Media
Man's 'Letter of Closure' to Confirm Break-Up Goes Viral on Social Media - Sputnik India, 1920, 02.03.2023
Man's 'Letter of Closure' to Confirm Break-Up Goes Viral on Social Media
Velin took to Twitter on Tuesday to officially announce their break-up and shared the letter and a screenshot of his chat with his girlfriend.
In another tweet, he clarified again that he wrote the letter on behalf of the girl who wanted to end things with him since it was just a "situationship" - a relationship that has emotional connection and responsibility, but an ambiguous course and nature.
Since being posted, the tweet has garnered 5,094,000 views, over 6,281 likes and 417 retweets from netizens.
Though many thought it was a better way to break-up than simply to ghost the partner, it didn't go down well with others on the internet who found it weird and insensitive.
"Still a better communicator than people I've known previously. Dying at this wow," one Twitter user wrote.
''Thanks for the template. Gonna send this to my friend so that he too becomes single," another commented.
'''Such a unique approach to deal with break-ups, and yeah, It's the funniest doc I've come across after the Roommate Agreement by Dr Sheldon Cooper!'' said yet another, referring to the genius theoretical physicist on the comedy, the Big Bang Theory.