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India's New Discovery of Lithium Reserve May End its Dependency on Foreign Supply

Lithium - Sputnik India, 1920, 08.05.2023
An estimated 5.9 million ton reserve of lithium was discovered in Jammu and Kashmir union territory's Reasi district in February, according to the Ministry of Mines.
India's lithium trove is growing by leaps and bounds after a massive discovery of new reserve deposits in Rajasthan state's Nagaur city, the Geological Survey of India (GSI) told an Indian news agency.
The newly-discovered deposits are reportedly bigger than the ones found in India's Jammu and Kashmir union territory in February, and can meet around 80 percent of its total demand, the GSI and mining officials claimed.
The GIS officials opine that the discovery of these lithium reserves may help reduce India's dependency on China and other countries for foreign supplies.
Lithium is a rare mineral, with 98 mln tons available globally. Bolivia is believed to have the largest stash with 21 mln tons, followed by Argentina (20 mln tons), the US (12 mln tons), Chile (11 mln tons), Australia (7.9 mln tons), China (6.8 mln tons), and Germany (3.2 mln tons).
Lithium not only plays a vital role in creating chargeable batteries for electric vehicles, mobile phones and laptops; it is also crucial for harnessing solar and wind energy.
The new discovery of the lithium reserve in Rajasthan can be an important step in aiding India’s dream of a 30 percent reduction in carbon emissions from vehicles by 2030.