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How Cyclone Mocha Got Its Name and What Yemen Has To Do With It

© Photo : IMDCyclone Mocha
Cyclone Mocha - Sputnik India, 1920, 12.05.2023
Cyclone Mocha is the latest tropical cyclone that has been identified by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center and India's Meteorological Department.
Cyclone Mocha developed into a Very Severe Cyclonic Storm on Friday and, as shown in a satellite image provided by the India Meteorological Department (IMD), is moving northward at 11 kilometers per hour (7 miles per hour).
Authorities in Myanmar and Bangladesh issued warnings to evacuate hundreds of thousands of people, advising them to steer clear of coastal areas.
The storm's winds could reach 220kph (137mph) before making landfall on Sunday morning.
People walk on Kan Thar Yar beach near Gwa township, on May 11, 2023 after Cyclone Mocha, the Bay of Bengal's first cyclone of the year formed. - Sputnik India, 1920, 12.05.2023
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Rescue Teams Deployed in West Bengal as Cyclone Mocha Intensifies

Why is Cyclone Mocha so called?

The storm is known as Cyclone Mocha according to the nomenclature scheme used by the WMO/ESCAP member countries.
Mocha, pronounced to rhyme with "soccer", is a warm drink which is a type of coffee and has a slight flavour of chocolate.

The cyclone's name was inspired by the nation Yemen, whose Red Sea port is called Mocha - a city which also gave its name to the popular drink, café Mocha.

Why Are Cyclones Given Names?

Tropical cyclones are named by six regional specialised meteorological centres (RSMICs) and five regional Tropical Cyclone Warning Centres (TCWCs).
India's Meteorological Department (IMD) is one of the six RSMCs.
Cyclones are named to help the scientific community, media, disaster managers, and observers identify the cyclone, create awareness about its development, distinguish it from other tropical cyclones in the region, and rapidly disseminate warnings to a wider audience.

How Are Cyclones Named?

International groups such as the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP) are responsible for naming cyclones. Tropical cyclone warning centres and regional specialised meteorology centres (RSMC) also help prepare names for cyclones.
There are several different charts of tropical cyclone names, depending on where the storm falls, with areas including Atlantic, Eastern Pacific, Central Pacific and Philippines Region. In general, cyclones are named alphabetically with boys' and girls' names alternating.
The Indian Meteorological Department is one of the six RSMCs authorized to identify tropical cyclones in the northern Indian Ocean.
India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Pakistan, and Oman are members of the WMO and UN ESCAP.
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