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Going Digital: Indian Supreme Court Invites Tenders For Transcript-Producing AI

© AP Photo / Altaf QadriSupreme Court in New Delhi, India
Supreme Court in New Delhi, India - Sputnik India, 1920, 24.05.2023
In a first, in February, India's Supreme Court used Artificial Intelligence on a trial basis for live transcripts of court hearings.
India's Supreme Court will soon deploy artificial intelligence (AI) tools to transcribe proceedings and oral arguments, Indian media reported.
The Supreme Court on Tuesday invited tenders for the deployment of AI tools.
As per the documents released by the court, eligible companies must be either incorporated under the Companies Act, or be a government entity with two years of proven experience in providing such systems, either nationally or globally.
"The AI tool for transcription of arguments and court proceedings shall initially be deployed for the Constitution Bench matters and with the passage of time extendable to all matters, subject to the approval and directions of the concerned Court," the statement reads.
"The transcription of arguments generated through AI, machine learning and deep learning solution and tools must be proof-read by qualified transcribers as the first line and after that by reviewers, who must proof-read the same and remove any typographical errors, and mistakes before forwarding the final version of transcription to the registry."
"The Supreme Court intends to publish the AI-generated transcription on its official website and to share the same with the concerned advocates electronically," the statement further read.
However, it is not yet known if state High Courts and local courts will also adopt the AI mechanism.
Judicial systems worldwide are turning to AI, as it helps the court to provide the transcripts and orders pronounced in a short time as well as helping the lawyers to identify precedents in case law, enable administrations to streamline judicial processes, etc.
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