Ukraine Conflict
Moscow launched a special military operation in Ukraine in February 2022 with the aim of saving the people of Donbass - primarily the Russian-speaking population - from Kiev's constant attacks.

Watch Russia's Su-25 Wipe Out Ukrainian Fortifications in Donetsk Direction

Russian forces often use fighter jets to destroy fortified positions of the Ukrainian military in order to ensure the safe advance of Russian land units.
Russia's Sukhoi Su-25, also known as Grach (lit. rook) or Frogfoot, is a powerful attack jet that has played a pivotal role in the ongoing special operation. Renowned for its ability to provide close air support, the Su-25 has proven instrumental in obliterating ground fortified positions, reducing Ukrainian military capabilities.
The Russian Defense Ministry has published footage of Su-25 attack jets wreaking havoc on fortified field positions, in addition to reducing Ukrainian hardware to rubble in the Donetsk direction.
The Kiev regime's forces have struggled to counter Russia's jets effectively, especially the Su-25, due to their deadly mix of precision and firepower on the battlefield. These attack jets, which can carry various munitions, have shifted the balance in many encounters by consistently outmaneuvering and overpowering Ukrainian defenses.
A destroyed tank of Ukrainian Armed Forces is seen outside the town of Severodonetsk, in Lugansk People's Republic. - Sputnik India, 1920, 31.10.2023
Ukraine Conflict
Ukraine Loses 250 Soldiers in Krasny Liman Direction
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