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Five-Year Gold Hunt by Villagers Reveals Ancient Harappan Settlement in Gujarat

© Photo : Twitter/@girirajajayRemains of Harappan-era pottery discovered from Lodrani village in India's Gujarat state's Kutch region.
Remains of Harappan-era pottery discovered from Lodrani village in India's Gujarat state's Kutch region.   - Sputnik India, 1920, 20.02.2024
Responding to the legend of buried gold in the Kutch region of Gujarat, villagers spent five years digging for the treasure. Their efforts led to the discovery of an ancient Harappan settlement.
The newly discovered Harappan settlement at Lodrani village in the Kutch region of Gujarat, India, has sparked widespread interest in the fascinating remains of this ancient civilisation, making it an important site for archaeological exploration and research.
According to a report in the Times of India, villagers in Kutch started digging in the region as they strongly believed that there was a medieval fort and buried treasure in Lodrani, a hamlet located 51 kilometres from Dholavira, a World Heritage Site in Kutch.
After the initial discovery, a team of archaeologists joined the excavation, revealing well-planned urban structures, intricate drainage systems and evidence of a sophisticated urban life that flourished 4,500 years ago.
According to dedicated researcher Ajay Yadav and his colleague Professor Damian Robinson of Oxford's School of Archaeology, the excavation has uncovered significant quantities of Harappan pottery that bears a striking resemblance to the ancient city of Dholavira.
The settlement is thought to span both the mature (2,600-1,900 BC) and late (1,900-1,300 BC) phases of the Harappan civilization.
Yadav claimed that the site had previously been dismissed as a mere settlement of large stones and debris.
In January, the newly discovered site was officially named Morodharo, which means 'less salty and drinkable water' in Gujarati.
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