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West's Colonial Ideology Still Very Much Alive: Russian Foreign Ministry

© Sputnik / Russian Foreign Ministry / Go to the mediabankIn this handout photo released by the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Maria Zakharova attends her weekly briefing in Moscow, Russia
In this handout photo released by the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Maria Zakharova attends her weekly briefing in Moscow, Russia - Sputnik India, 1920, 06.06.2024
Russia has repeatedly blamed the West's expansionist attitude for creating tensions in regions where it has no locus standi, including in Eastern Europe where it is supporting Kiev's military campaign against Russia.
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warned the global community about the US' "insatiable hunger" to control the world on Thursday, urging nations to "fight back" against its "hegemonic tendencies."

"Everyone needs to remember one thing: these appetites in the West have not gone away, and as the crisis increases, their appetite will also increase," Zakharova told Sputnik on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

Gaza Turned Into a Killing Zone

In this light, the Russian Foreign Ministry official addressed the Israeli military campaign in Gaza and described the strip as a "killing zone" of civilians instead.
According to the Health Ministry in Gaza, over 36,500 people have been murdered in the Israeli military campaign in besieged territory, mostly civilians, with children and women forming the majority of the dead.
Zakharova also provided details about the Russian operation to evacuate the country's nationals from the Gaza Strip after Israel launched a military offensive on the densely populated coastal enclave following an attack on the southern tip of the Jewish state by the Palestinian movement Hamas on October 7 last year. She mentioned that Russia constantly provides humanitarian aid to Palestinians.

"Russia's humanitarian aid is multifaceted and multi-format. First, we did everything to evacuate all Russian citizens, including a significant number of Palestinian citizens who are in joint families with Russian citizens from the zone," she stated. "Secondly, we continuously and regularly send humanitarian aid to this region [Gaza Strip] for people who have been suffering not just for months, but for many years".

Moreover, she emphasized that Russia's approach to the situation in the Middle East, especially concerning tensions between Israel and Palestine, was based on international law. She added that the reason behind the impasse in the Middle East lies in the US.

"This approach is truly fair, honest, lawful, and one that can bring the situation out of the deadlock it has been driven into. Let's call things by their proper names. Who drove it into this deadlock? The Americans did. This deadlock affects not only the residents of Gaza and Palestine in general but also the residents of Israel, and it was conceived in Washington," the director of the information and press department of Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs asserted.

Atrocities Committed in Gaza "Monstrous"

Meanwhile, Zakharova opined that Israeli citizens had become hostages of America's policy as Israel was suffering due to US actions in the region. As victims of American policy, ordinary Israeli citizens are facing hatred, anger and pain vented on them, the spokeswoman of Russian MFA said.
"It turns out that the United States has done the worst to its closest ally, namely Israel," she elaborated.
At the same time, comparing the Israeli operation in Gaza to the Holocaust carried out by Adolf Hitler on Jews during the Second World War and other anti-human pages of history, Zakharova underlined that the atrocities being committed against the Palestinians by the Israelis were "monstrous."
"As for what the Palestinians are going through now, I believe there have been many terrible crimes in the world. There were genocides in Rwanda, there were monstrous wars, there were gas chambers of World War II. But you know, what the Palestinians are going through now is absolutely monstrous," she mentioned.
Taking an indirect dig at the US, Zakharova pointed out that Washington and its allies haven't uttered a single word in condemnation of Israeli actions in Gaza despite claiming to be the champion of human rights and the protection of civilians across the world.

"It is probably impossible to compare the degree of tragedy when a mother loses her child. Under any circumstances, it is a tragedy. But the numbers and circumstances and the international situation in which this is happening are unprecedented. For several months, we have not heard a single word of condemnation of such actions from those who have put human rights, democracy, and the protection of civilians on a pedestal," she concluded.

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