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Watch: Crash-test of Russian & NATO helmets

© Photo : Rostec State Corporation A screenshot of a Rostec video showing Russia's Bars-L helmet.
  A screenshot of a Rostec video showing Russia's Bars-L helmet.  - Sputnik India, 1920, 29.06.2024
Helmet is an essential part of a soldier's combat equipment, on which the life of soldiers in the battlefield depends.
Russian state weapons manufacturer Rostec has crash-tested five helmets, including three helmets used by NATO troops, a Russian-made protective helmet and a helmet from an unknown manufacturer.
Find out which of those helmets is the most durable and invulnerable.
The helmets were tested for compliance with Br-1 and Br-2 safety standards. Russian-made Stechkin and Serdyukov 9 mm automatic pistols were used during the crash-test. Bullets were fired at a distance of five meters from helmets placed at various locations in the shooting ground.
A helmet of unknown maker was pierced by bullets fired from both Stechkin and Serdyukov;
NATO-standard Trophy helmets were also pierced by Russian-made pistols - the result remained the same;
NATO-standard American-made PASGT DELTA helmet - results remain the same;
NATO-standard AB-ACH FC helmet designed in the Philippines – results in force;
The Russian-made Bars-L helmet passed crash-tests, with all bullet shots leaving only small dents on the helmet's surface.
The modern Bars-L, designed by the Steel Research Institute, part of Rostec's Kalashnikov Concern, is made of titanium and composite materials, giving the helmet even higher protective characteristics.
According to the Kalashnikov company, the Bars-L was first demonstrated at the St. Petersburg arms exhibition in April 2024.
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