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Russian President Vladimir Putin takes part in the event on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Gazprom PJSC via video link. - Sputnik India

Russian President Vladimir Putin Delivers Regular Address to Federal Assembly

The Russian president's address to the Federal Assembly is a political message that outlines the president's vision of the country's development in the short run.
Sputnik is live from Moscow, where Russia's President Vladimir Putin delivers his regular address to the Federal Assembly.
The Russian leader is set to cover a whole range of issues in his speech, although the special military operation and confronting the collective West will remain on top of the agenda.
Apart from that, President Putin is expected to speak on the world order change from a unipolar to a multipolar one and the challenges the Russian economy has faced in the wake of western sanctions.
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15:55 21.02.2023
Russia knows how to be friends and keep its word, it will not let anyone down and will always offer support in a difficult situation, as it helped Western countries during the pandemic: President Putin
15:54 21.02.2023
Russia is an open country and a distinctive civilization, but there is no claim to exclusivity and superiority in this: President Putin
15:25 21.02.2023
West tried to destabilize Russian society from within but failed: Putin
15:24 21.02.2023
Russia is actually entering a new cycle of economic development, there are all opportunities for a breakthrough in many areas: Putin
15:16 21.02.2023
Russia has become stronger after reunification with the people of Donbass: President Putin
To note, Donbass, the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions overwhelmingly voted to become part of Russia in the referenda held in September 2022.
15:16 21.02.2023
WATCH: President Putin speaks on the West's anti-Russia project
15:02 21.02.2023
The Longer is Strike Range of Weapons Supplied to Ukraine by West, The Further We Need to Push Threat Away From Russian Territories: Putin
15:00 21.02.2023
The purpose of the West's anti-Russian police is to start a whole war in Europe and eliminate competitors
Western elites are not concealing their foal to inflict a strategic defeat to Russia, end us once and for all, Putin says
15:00 21.02.2023
Russia is defending its homeland and the lives of its people, while the West's goal is power with no limits: Putin

Ukraine was being turned into anti-Russia — this project is not new, they wanted to take our historic territories from us, President Putin explained.

14:59 21.02.2023
The West has prepared Ukraine for a big war, today they admit it: President Putin
Russia received direct refusal on all position of its security guarantees, it became clear that the threat (towards Russia) was growing every day;
It is the West who unleashed the war, while Russia uses force to contain it;
Those preparing attack on Donbass (primarily Russian-speaking population) in February 2022 also planned to attack Russia's Crimea next.