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Heavy Rain in Delhi Results in Waterlogging, Traffic Disruption

© AP Photo / Rafiq MaqboolМальчик в дождевике ходит босиком под дождем в Мумбаи, Индия
Мальчик в дождевике ходит босиком под дождем в Мумбаи, Индия - Sputnik India, 1920, 15.09.2023
Delhi experienced record-breaking heat last week, with Monday (September 4) marking the hottest September day in at least 14 years, as the temperature soared to a scorching 40.1 degrees Celsius.As per IMD, it was the highest maximum temperature recorded in September since 2009.
On Friday, India’s capital city Delhi and its adjoining areas witnessed gusty winds and heavy rainfall resulting in floods and traffic disruption.
In its early morning forecast, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) announced an imminent thunderstorm with light to moderate intensity rain. Not only that, but heavy intensity rain is also expected in a few areas, accompanied by gusty winds reaching speeds of 50-70 Km/h. These weather conditions are predicted to affect the entire Delhi and NCR region.
The NCR covers the whole of Delhi and some cities of the adjoining states like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Rajasthan.
The weather department also said that Delhi is likely to witness mostly cloudy skies with light to moderate rain over the next five days.
In a series of tweets, the IMD also issued an advisory sharing the impact of the rainfall. The weather department, in its advisory, warned of the potential consequences of heavy rainfall, including traffic congestion, flooding, slippery roads, and decreased visibility.
It also suggested that citizens stay indoors, keep windows and doors closed, and avoid travel if possible, as well as follow traffic advisories.
People have also been asked to stay away from all objects that conduct electricity, avoid touching open electric wires and avoid standing near electric poles.
Due to heavy rains since early morning till rush hour, traffic in Delhi and adjoining areas has been disrupted due to floods.
As the refreshing rain breathed new life into everyone, offering relief from the sweltering heat and humidity, people excitedly shared videos capturing the sight of flooding and the chaos caused by relentless traffic jams.
As the complaints increased, the Delhi traffic police as well as the police from the adjoining areas acknowledged the situation and assured the people that relevant authorities were actively addressing the issues.
Security personnel use an umbrella to protect themselves amid heavy rainfall in New Delhi on July 18, 2023.  - Sputnik India, 1920, 19.08.2023
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Rain Lashes Parts of Delhi-NCR, Several Areas Face Severe Waterlogging