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New Eurasian Security Framework Would Spare Region of NATO-Fueled Death & Destruction

© PhotoRussian President Vladimir Putin addresses the Federal Assembly.
Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses the Federal Assembly. - Sputnik India, 1920, 29.02.2024
For long, Russia has been demanding a new security framework in Eurasia, citing the US-led NATO's meddling in the region.
A new Eurasian security framework would spare the region from the NATO-fueled death and destruction, two Indian military pundits have said.

The remarks of Lt. Colonel (Retd) J.S. Sodhi and Indian Navy veteran Commodore Seshadri Vasan came hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin renewed calls for a separate security structure for Eurasia during his address to the Federal Assembly on Thursday.
"There is a need to build a new Eurasian security framework based on the principles of equality and indivisibility of security, and Russia is ready to discuss it with all interested stakeholders," the Russian leader said.
Against this backdrop, Sodhi stressed that the world was besieged with numerous wars & conflicts and there were three main reasons for this global turmoil and turbulence - oil, gas, and arms.

US-Led NATO Wreaking Havoc in Eurasia

The retired Indian Army officer pointed out that since gaining independence in 1776, the US has taken part in 201 wars either directly or as a proxy. Be it wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Syria, the US-led NATO has taken part in almost every war & conflict the world has witnessed since the end of World War II.

"Hence, President Putin's remark about a new security framework in Eurasia assumes significance as it will counter-balance the one-sided advantage that NATO has on date and at the same time offer nations a choice to make as per their national interests and national security, which unfortunately is unavailable at the moment. This move will also ensure that Eurasia is spared of death and destruction in the times ahead," Sodhi underlined.

On the other hand, Vasan reckoned that with the prolonged conflict in Ukraine, there are new fissures in international relations which is a grim reminder of the Cold War.

Eurasian Countries Need to Partner For an Innovative Security Framework

From that point, the statement of Putin alludes to a need for an innovative security framework with a partnership with Eurasian countries, he opined.

"There are proven instruments such as the BRICS, SCO, and other multilateral and minilateral organizations that need to re-examine the ways in which they can contribute to peace and prosperity. The thrust by Putin on expanding the scope of Eurasia as a macro-region would open up new avenues of engagement," Vasan emphasized.

Overall, there is great potential in this approach to expand the scope of Eurasian contribution to global peace, he concluded.
Putin Addresses Russia's Federal Assembly - Sputnik India, 1920, 29.02.2024
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