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India-Russia's Quest for Multipolar World Favors Global South: J&K Politician

© SputnikMir Junaid, President of Jammu and Kashmir Workers Party
Mir Junaid, President of Jammu and Kashmir Workers Party - Sputnik India, 1920, 01.05.2024
Both New India and Russia are against the current American-led world order, highlighting the hegemonic tendencies in the system. Now an Indian politician has backed their quest to achieve an equilibrium in global power.
Long-time strategic partners, India and Russia, are championing the causes of the developing world, and their efforts towards a multipolar order are set to benefit the countries of the Global South, a top politician hailing from the South Asian country's Jammu and Kashmir region has said.
The comments of Mir Junaid, who is the president of the Jammu and Kashmir Workers Party, came during a visit to Russia where he praised the strength of Indo-Russian ties before sharing his opinion on various matters, including the expansion of BRICS, New Delhi's fight against radicalism amongst others.
According to Junaid, India and Russia share a long-standing relationship that is characterized by trust, mutual respect, and cooperation.
"This partnership plays a strategic role in the current international context of a rising multipolar world with both countries contributing towards a more balanced global power distribution, particularly in favor of the Global South," the Srinagar-based politician told Sputnik India.

BRICS: A Counterbalance to Western Hegemonies

On being asked why More and more countries were expressing a desire to join BRICS, Junaid replied that the interest in BRICS extends from its promise as a counterbalance to what we call traditional Western economic and political hegemonies.
As multiple countries seek alternatives in global governance, BRICS presents an opportunity for collaborative growth and development. So our country India must focus on leveraging these ties to enhance trade, technological exchange, and sustainable development.
"But BRICS has to be regulated and we should not let every country enter the powerful economic bloc. So in one word, I want to say that it has to be a regulated forum," he added.
Also, Junaid underlined that de-dollarization may offer strategic benefits by diversifying economic dependencies.
In his opinion, this trend can help mitigate the risks associated with global economic uncertainties and sanctions.
India should consider enhancing its financial systems to support transactions in alternative currencies, which Junaid reckoned could stabilize its trade and economic relations globally.

Is There a Western Role in Radicalizing India's Youth?

Being a resident of Kashmir, where he's seen the worst cases of radicalization, he highlighted that India's fight against terrorism and radicalization is an ongoing challenge that requires a multi-dimensional strategy.
"For me, I believe that education is paramount. It equips our youth with the ability to think critically and make informed decisions. There are Western interests, there are some countries that are minimizing and intoxicating the youth and trying to radicalize them. We need to immunize our youth against these radical ideologies. That should be the strategy to fight radicalization," Junaid noted.
Moreover, economic inclusivity and providing them with equitable opportunities, I think it can mitigate the sense of disenfranchisement that often leads to extremism and I believe promoting cultural and interfaith harmony can play a crucial role in mitigating the spread of extremism and extremist ideologies, he summed up.
Activists of India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) party display party flags ahead of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Srinagar, Indian controlled Kashmir, Wednesday, March 6, 2024. - Sputnik India, 1920, 12.04.2024
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