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Western Fantasy of 'Weaker Putin' to Remain Only a Pipe Dream

© Sputnik / POOL / Go to the mediabankRussia's incumbent President Vladimir Putin meets co-chairmen of his election headquarters in Moscow. March 18, 2024.
Russia's incumbent President Vladimir Putin meets co-chairmen of his election headquarters in Moscow. March 18, 2024. - Sputnik India, 1920, 18.03.2024
On Sunday, Russia's long-standing leader, Vladimir Putin, won a landslide in the country's presidential elections after polling over 87% of the overall vote. Sputnik India analyzes what this means for the West's continued proxy war in Ukraine.
Vladimir Putin's comprehensive triumph in the Russian presidential elections is a big blow to the Collective West, which is set to demoralize the US-led coalition that has been at the forefront of a long drawn-out proxy war with in Ukraine, an Indian geopolitical pundit has said.
The comments of Dr. Gulrez Sheikh, a geopolitical pundit, who is closely associated with India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), came only hours after Putin's return to the top chair of Russia's political power was confirmed by the country's poll authorities.

Overwhelming Support For Putin Among Russian Electorates

The election results showed that Putin literally bulldozed his way through the polls - while his tally of votes stood at 87.32 percent, his other three opponents, Nikolay Kharitonov (СPRF), Leonid Slutsky (LDPR) and Vladislav Davankov (New People) got only 4.30, 3.82 and 3.20 percent votes in the election, signaling an overwhelming support for the incumbent.
Following his win, the Russian President underlined that the West would never succeed in its mission of weakening his country.
"We have many tasks ahead. But when we are consolidated - no matter who wants to intimidate us, suppress us - nobody has ever succeeded in history, they have not succeeded now, and they will not succeed ever in the future," Putin said.
Against this backdrop, Sheikh stressed that Putin's victory is significant for Russia because it shows that Russia under his leadership is more united than ever.

West's Nefarious Designs to Break Russia Failed Miserably

"After all, since the start of Moscow's Special Military Operation (SMO) in Ukraine, the Collective West was trying to fragment the Eurasian nation into many smaller sovereign states. But Putin's win confirms that they have failed miserably in their nefarious designs to break Russia," he told Sputnik India on Monday.
Sheikh expressed that as of today, Russia was winning the war and it was emerging much stronger on multiple fronts - militarily, internal dynamics of the country, and vis-a-vis its economy because the US and its allies tried all the dirty tricks, including running extensive media propaganda against Russia, imposed sanctions on Moscow, a move which also fell back.
However, irrespective of large-scale Western attempts to undermine Russia, the charismatic leadership of Putin coupled with the patriotism of the people of the nation, has put it in a dominant position in its fight against America and its NATO partners, he reckoned.

Double Trouble For Incumbents in the West

"Moreover, his win would demoralize the current leadership of the West, especially US President Joe Biden, who would have to deal with a far more confident and stronger Putin. Besides, Biden is facing enormous challenges at home, with the Republican Donald Trump expected to oust him from power later this year," Sheikh opined.
He asserted that most of the Western leaders, who are currently sitting in power and are pressing for the continuation of the conflict in Ukraine, won't be in their offices soon, and therefore, their dream of seeing a weaker Putin would remain a pipe dream only.
"The recent election results of Spain, and Portugal amongst other countries are indicative of the direction of the forthcoming political discourse in Western countries. That's why there's no denying the fact that Western leaders are in double trouble at this juncture," Sheikh concluded.
Vladimir Putin addresses journalists at his campaign headquarters. March 17, 2024 - Sputnik India, 1920, 18.03.2024
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